Pace & Space Odssey: Guide

What can you find here? Not Stanley Kubrick, I’m afraid, but Stanley Johnson (about whom and many others you can read more by following the ‘NBA’ link in the top menu) and Stanley LeBron (likewise, the ‘NBA 2K League’ link). This blog contains NBA and NBA 2K League news, features, and analysis. It also points you toward great places for the very same, such as ESPN,, The Athletic, and more places that can offer a different perspective on whatever I’ve written about.

Who am I? I’m an NBA and NBA 2K League journalist. I cover the NBA 2K League for The Sports Network (Canada’s Sports Leader) and for Operation Sports, a leading online sports video game content provider. I write about basketball. Some of the features on here will be repurposed from TSN and OS, once they have been published on their original intended site. There will be Pace & Space-specific content on here nonetheless.

Don’t hesitate to email me, leave a comment, or critique me. There’s no such thing as attainable perfection, but improvement is the next best thing.

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