NBA 2K League Viewership Stabilizing Well

The NBA 2K League has stabilized its viewership Twitch over the last thirty days.

According to data from TwitchTracker:

  • The league has gotten 7.8 million unique views in the last thirty days.
  • It’s averaging over 10.5 thousand average concurrent viewers.
  • Its peak concurrent viewership is 28,850.

The number of hours watched has grown greatly every month since April, as has the number of average viewers. While July saw higher numbers than August has so far, in terms of new followers and peak concurrent viewership, the league’s final two weeks figure to earn more viewers: a weekend of playoffs and then the inaugural NBA 2K League finals.

All this is a remarkable upturn from the early days of the season, when the league saw peak concurrent viewership numbers around 3,000. For week 12, the final week of the regular season, the league averaged over 20,000 peak concurrent viewers.

The numbers should rise even higher for the playoffs and finals, while the addition of four teams to the league for the 2019 season—Los Angeles Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Atlanta Hawks, and Brooklyn Nets—will further increase viewership.


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