Source: NBA 2K League Updates Playoff Tiebreakers

According to a source, the @NBA2KLeague has updated the official tiebreaking scenarios before the final week of the regular season.

Win-Loss Record

Head to Head Matchup

When looking at H2H with more than 2 teams, we look at the “better winning percentage in all games among the tied teams.” This is consistent with official NBA playoff tiebreaker rules. 

(Looks like that includes tournament games.)

Average Point Differential (i.e. Point differential)

Total Points Scored

Coin Flip

More to come.

Here’s the list of pertinent tournament victories and losses for teams on the playoff bubble. It looks like this change has a positive effect for Cavs Legion GC and for Celtics Crossover Gaming. It’s less good for Magic Gaming, who look increasingly in need of winning both their remaining games against Cavs Legion and Celtics Crossover.

Mavs beat Heat
Celtics beat Pacers
Pacers beat Mavs
Mavs beat Celtics
Celtics beat Heat
76ers beat Pistons
Wizards beat Heat
Celtics beat Mavs
Wizards beat Heat
Cavs beat Magic
Mavs beat Pacers
Cavs beat Mavs

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