Kenny Finds Trey in the Corner (Week12)


A very good read by Kenny on the pick and roll results in an AllHailTrey corner three.

Kenny (shot-creating slasher) is guarded by Heat PF Majes7ic (sharpshooting rim protector), meaning that the Heat’s own shot-creating slasher Hotshot is matched up with the Raptors’ 4, AllHailTrey, also on a sharpshooting rim protector.

Kenny goes left around a pick from KingQuai (slashing rebounder), who, covered by slashing stretch five Jalen, has the advantage down low. Sensing the advantage, Hotshot pinches down low to help Jalen in the paint, double-teaming KingQuai but in consequence leaving AllHailTrey open.

Kenny makes the crucial read and finds AllHailTrey for the open corner three, giving the Raptors a five-point lead.


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