NBA 2K League Announces Awards

The NBA 2K League has announced the entire slate of awards for its inaugural season after a thrilling week 14, the final week of regular-season play.

Blazer5 Gaming’s OneWildWalnut took home both the MVP and the Defensive Player of the Year award. He led Blazer5 to a stellar season, winning the “Turn” tournament and leading the team to the league-best 12-2 record and the first seed in the playoffs. The most consistent player all season, Walnut dominated at center, leading the league in rebounding, steals, and blocks.

Duane Burton, known as KingDuOne, earned Coach of the Year honors. He led Pistons GT to a 9-5 record, impressing from the first game of the season with his energy and poise behind the bench (as it were).

76ers GC’s sixth man Tfreshyy won the Sportsmanship award. Although he didn’t appear in a game, Tfreshyy exuded energy and positivity each game of the season as 76ers GC won the “Tip-off” tournament and clinched the #2 seed in the playoffs with a 10-4 record.

Raptors Uprising GC won the Community Engagement Award, while Boo Painter of Wizards District Gaming won the fan-voted Play of the Year for his double-behind-the-back posterizer dunk.

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