Newdini Plays Weakside Defense (Week 12)


Here, Steez pinches on Compete (shot-creating slasher) to help Feast in the paint. Radiant moves down to cover MrSlaughter in the corner, leaving JSmoove more open on the wing.

Compete kicks it out to MrSlaughter, so Radiant moves down to commit to him, leaving JSmoove open. In turn, ZDS rotates over to help on JSmoove, leaving his man, Stambreezy (pure sharp) open on the right wing. Steez also switches onto him.

The key here is Newdini, who finds himself alone on the weakside with Deedz in the corner and Stambreezy on the wing. He correctly places himself equidistant to both shooters. Thus, when MrSlaughter skips a pass to Stambreezy, Newdini is in a position to close out on the shooter, who, in consequence, misses.


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