NBA 2K League Playoff Bracket Set

The NBA 2K League has produced its inaugural playoff bracket.

First-seeded Blazer5 Gaming (12-2) will take on Knicks Gaming (5-9), who won the “Ticket” tournament to earn an automatic playoff berth. Blazer5, led by MVP and DPOY winner OneWildWalnut and MVP candidate MamaImDatMan, were the first team to clinch a berth in the regular-season.

76ers GC (10-4) won the “Tip-off” tournament at the beginning of the season and will face seventh-seeded Wizards District Gaming. Led by MVP nominee Boo Painter, Wizards DG qualified in the last week of play, beating Knicks Gaming to finish 8-6.

Pistons GT (9-5) finished in third place with a defensive team headlined by MVP candidate LetsGetItRamo, while coach Duane Burton won Coach of the Year. They’ll play Heat Check Gaming (8-6) and MVP nominee Hotshot, arguably the best player since the patch; the Heat fell to the sixth seed after losing their two final games of the season.

Raptors Uprising (8-6) will play Cavs Legion GC (8-6) in a rematch of a regular-season game that Raptors Uprising won 77-55. The Raptors finished their season 7-1 after a brutal first-half schedule, while the Cavs surged into the playoffs after a season with high highs and low lows.


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