Magic Offensive Reset Creates Bucket for SupremePuller


The Magic operate a little controlled chaos, from which emerges a wide-open two-point jumper for SupremePuller.

Very interesting offensive reset for the Magic, who have to reestablish their half court offense after Marley grabs an offensive rebound. The ball gets out to KontruL, playing shooting guard, on the left wing, who in turn finds KingCamRoyal, playing a pure sharp SF, who in turn gets it to point guard UCManny on the right wing.

After a meaningless pick from Marley on the win, KingCam sets a pick on Fab, for UCManny to go around left, while Marley sets a back screen on KingCam’s man, MelEast, as KontruL swings all the way around the arc, behind the ball, toward the right corner.

The effect of that is to draw Arsonal, at center, a little off the block towards the corner in anticipation of the wrap from KontruL. Marley, though, breaks off the back screen to cut to a now-emptier paint, where he gets the pass (a little late) from UCManny. His dive has also drawn PalmOilPlease, whose man SupremePuller is left alone just inside the arc on the left. Marley finds him, the jumper rolls in, and the Magic get two points from a little controlled chaos.


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