NAPX Top Prospects List: Puerto Rico

The NBA 2K League featured one Puerto Rican player, JomarPR_12, who was the sixth-round pick of first-seeded Blazer5 Gaming.

Here are the top 15 Puerto Rican prospects from the National Pro Am Exposure (NAPX) tournament, as evaluated by NAPX scouts (written by them).



PSN: Anklez_

Twitter: Anklez_

Team: @PunisherNBA2k

Position: Utility, can play all 5 positions.

Decription about the player: High Leadership level. Great IQ. Team player, wills to play any position needed and is succesful at any of them.

Biggest Strenghts: IQ, has great IQ overall. Great scorer, good defender.

Weakness: Defense is the only thing hes not great at, hes basically the best latin player because he does everything at an high level except his defense, but its not an weakness at all. Its just his defense its not great.

Accolades in latin leagues: All star every season and top 3 MVP in votes always. Won 5 Champs with @PunisherNBA2k


PSN: oYoungStar-

Twitter: garcia_yeriel

Team: Played for @LozLobos2k and @WDT2k actually making a team himself.

Position: SG Sharpshooter or PG Play/Sharp.

Description about the player: Great scorer. Great Defense. Great IQ. Is an player that likes to trash talk and express a lot.

Biggest Strenghts: His way to score and his way to defend. Hes a top 3 Puerto Rico defender without even using an Lockdown.

Weakness: Leadership is not that good. Cant lead a team, on clutch spots/moments he will make mistakes due to hes not that great as a leader.

Accolades in latin leagues: in @LozLobos2k runner up for ROTY in 2k17. in @WDT2k won MVP and went to the finals against @PunisherNBA2k and always is an All Star selected.


PSN: TheBeast30RD

Twitter: TheBeast30RD

Team: @PunisherNBA2k

Position: PG Playsharp 6’7 Pure Slasher 6’7

Description about the player: Team player.

Biggest Strenght: Great scorer. Killer mentality, great ball handler and great leadership on court.

Weakness: Inconsistent defense on 2k18. Wasnt a good defender.

Accolades in Latin Leagues: 2 Mvps, always selected to the All Star. Won 5 Championships with @PunisherNBA2k


PSN: iDontPlayD

Twitter: Javiercarlosm

Team: @WDT2k

Position: 6’10 Slasher/Sharp

Decription about the player: Scout other teams before playing. Team player.

Biggest Strenght: Good scorer. Good Defense. Great IQ.

Weakness: Leadership, doesnt have leadership even though hes a great player.

Accolades in Latin Leagues: 2 All Star appereances. Used to play with Alwayz Open too. WR Experience. Won a champ in latin league with @WDT2k



Twitter: Buster_Punisher

Team: @PunisherNBA2k

Position: 7’3 Rim protector/sharp

Description about the player: Team player. No egos, team first always.

Biggest Strenght: Great IQ. Great Defense. Great Leadership.

Weakness: Not that good scoring, put defense first over everything.

Accolades in Latin Leagues: Multiple All Stars. MVP in 17. 5 champs with @PunisherNBA2k


PSN: XxFlakiito6xX

Twitter: @FlakSuperiority

Team: @SuperiorityTeam

Position: 7’3 Glass/Sharp

Description about the player: Best latin mind. Great IQ. Overall defense.

Strenght: Great inside offense. Great IQ. Good defense but at times he can get lost.

Weakness: Defense a little bit. Weak perimeter shooter, not that good shooting from long range or taking jumpers.

Accolades in Latin Leagues: 4 Latin League champs. 1 C2C champ. WR finals appereance. Multiple AllStars.


PSN: Controverssy

Twitter: Controverssy3

Team: @SuperiorityTeam

Position: PG PlaySharp 6’5

Description about the player: Team player.

Strenght: Great pass IQ. Great Pick and Roll player and good at 5 out but way beter on PnR. Overall defense. Great IQ.

Weakness: Not too agressive on scoring, at times he has the shot and doesnt shoot.

Accolades in Latin Leagues: 4 Latin League champs. 1 C2C champ. WR Finals appereance. 2 Latin MVP 2 finals MVP. 2 all staron WR and 5 all stars in latin leagues.


PSN: NoAnswer—

Twitter: @NoAnswer2k

Team: @AmInsoportables

Position: 6’10 Slasher/Sharp

Description about the player: Loyalty first. Team player.

Strenght: Great offensive skill set. Good IQ. Great PnR player.

Weakness: Overall defense.

Accolades in Latin Leagues: 2 Latin all stars, 1 All star in WR. Member of top 100 team Kobbo State in 2k17.


PSN: xUcantGuardMe-

Twitter: xUCantGuardMe-

Team: @WDT2k

Position: 6’5 Sharp/Maker

Description about the player: Team player. No egos, Good Leadership.

Strenght: Great scorer. Good IQ. Great PnR player. Not good on 5 out.

Weakness: Weak defense.

Accolades in Latin Leagues: 2 All stars. ROTY in 2k17, MVP. Has WR Experience.


PSN: Cangri-00-bori

Twitter: @00_bori

Team: @WDT2k at the moment. But played for @PunisherNBA2k

Position: Utility player. Play all 5 Pos.

Description about the player: Veteran player. Good IQ. Good defense. Good scorer.

Strenght: Scoring, IQ and leadership.

Weakness: Not a good ball handler.

Accolades in Latin Leagues: 2 times top 3 MVP candidate.


PSN: Nz_Boodie

Twitter: NzBoodie

Team: @WDT2k

Position: 7’3 Rim/Sharp

Description about the player: Listen to everything. Is a player that is willing to do anything you tell him.

Strenght: Scoring from outside. Great PnR offensive player.

Weakness: Not that good defending the PnR and not good defending outside the paint.

Accolades in Latin Leagues: 1 Champ with @WDT2k and reached finals in last latin league.


PSN: Officer_Zorrilla

Twitter: @_ZORRILLA_

Team: @SuperiorityTeam

Position: 6’7 Defender/Sharp

Description about the player: Great IQ. Great Leadership. Team first.

Strenght: Defense. Great defender and great at detecting other teams weakness.

Weakness: Not a good scorer. Low IQ shot from the perimeter.

Accolades in Latin Leagues: Latin League ROTY Multiple Allstars.


PSN: Democrata1234

Twitter: @LaAlvelo

Team: @ConspiracyProAm

Position: 6’10 Slasher/Sharp

Description about the player: Quiet player. Loyal player. Good iq overall.

Strenght: Great scorer attacking the paint. Good Defense.

Weakness: Not that good shooting from outside.

Accolades in Latin Leagues: MVP in an Latin league. Multiple AllStars.


PSN: zGodF4th3rz1-

Twitter: zgodfatherz1

Team: @LozLoboz2k

Position: 6’7 Play/Creator

Description about the player: Great scorer. Great dribbler. Great at finding prospects and getting them at an high level.

Strenght: Scoring and dribbling.

Weakness: Low IQ. Low Defense.

Accolades in Latin Leagues:  1 Time Champ.


PSN: YoungWishy

Twitter: @YoungWishy

Team: @PRElite2

Position: 6’10 Slasher/Sharp

Description about the player: Quiet player. Team first.

Strenght: Great inside the paint. Good defense.

Weakness: Low IQ on shot outside the paint.

Accolades in latin leagues: Multiple All Stars and 1 time MVP.


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