Goofy’s Second Chances Lead to First Championship


During the second and ultimately final game of the NBA 2K League finals, Commentator James “Dirk” Ruiz asked out loud “How many points does this Knicks Gaming team score off of one Goofy rebound?”

Well, check out this game log we compiled for the series to find out:

Game 1: Heat Check: 66 – Knicks: 69

1st Quarter:

  • Idris 2 pointer at 4:39 (2)
  • Idris 3 pointer at 2:22 (5)

2nd Quarter

  • Yey 3 pointer at 5:12 (8)

3rd Quarter

  • Goofy 2 pointer at 2:47 (10)

4th Quarter

  • N/A

Game 2: Heat Check: 71 – Knicks: 74

1st quarter

  • Idris 2 pointer at 4:45 (2)
  • Goofy 2 pointer at 2:35 (4)
  • Nate 3 pointer at 2:06 (7)

2nd quarter

  • Nate 3 pointer at 4:43 (10)

3rd Quarter:

  • N/A

4th quarter

  • Nate 3 pointer at 1:22 (13)

New York’s historic championship win was a collective effort, but Goofy’s presence on the glass had an undeniable impact on the result, especially considering how close the score was for both games.


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