Explaining the NBA 2K League Expansion News

The NBA 2K League officially announced the rules for expansion and the offseason as a whole. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Teams are allowed two trades in set windows”
  • Trade period 1: September 25 – October 8
  • Trade period 2: During the 2019 season (exact dates TBA)
  • Teams must protect two players from expansion
  • Expansion teams will only be allowed to select up to one player from each of the original 17 teams. That means that the Knicks will be able to keep three of their players (most likely three of Adam, Goofy, Nate, and Idris)
  • Teams can retain third and fourth players by forfeiting draft picks, depending on whether or not they lost a player in the expansion draft.

This announcement adds serious strategy considerations for the original 17 teams. They’ll have to figure out who their core players are and how comfortable they are with retaining that core. They’ll also have to strategize in player and pick trading, both before the season to establish their core and during the season.

Players who aren’t retained will go back into the entry draft pool—not all of whom will be drafted as in 2018.

More to come.


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