NBA 2K League Player Protection/Retention Tracker

Keeping track of all the news and announcement about protection and retention of NBA 2K League players. Each team protects two players before the expansion draft, and can retain up to two more following it.

Confirmed: Wizards District Gaming announced that it would retain first-round pick DemonJT, who spent the majority of the season at point guard, and second-round pick BooPainter, an MVP candidate who led the league in scoring.

Wizards DG team leader Grant Paranjape, the Director of esports for Monumental Sports and Entertainment (which owns the Wizards, Mystics, District Gaming, and more), said:

“We’re extremely excited to be able to retain both JT and Boo. From incredible on court leadership to award winning plays, we’re confident they will provide a solid foundation to build around for year 2.”


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