Everything You Need to Know about the four NBA 2K League Expansion Teams

The NBA 2K League announced that four NBA franchises would join the NBA 2K League for the 2019 season as expansion teams. Those franchises are the Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Minnesota Timberwolves.

Here’s everything we know and can reasonably assume about each of those teams, and here are the teaser trailers for all four teams.

Atlanta Hawks

  • The team announced on the same night as the league press release that its team would bear the name Hawks Talon GC.
  • The team has yet to reveal a logo or team court. Several Twitter users have taken a stab at designing some cool options.
  • It’s not official, but all signs point to @HawksTalonGC being the team’s official Twitter account. Among other clues, the NBA 2K League’s social media manager follows the account, which joined in August 2018.
  • The Hawks have posted two team-specific jobs online, for—essentially—a GM/business manager and a coach.
  • It seems like Samir Mayur will be responsible for NBA 2K League-related personnel and hiring. The business manager position refers back to his position, and his LinkedIn profile specifies, among other things, NBA 2K League development as part of his role.


Brooklyn Nets

  • The Nets have been more private in their proceedings, not officially revealing anything more than their participation in the league.
  • Nets Daily, SBNation’s Brooklyn Nets site, pointed toward “Brooklyn Gaming” as being the far-and-away likeliest name for the team, citing a trademark filed by BSE Global (the Nets’ parent company) for that name earlier this year. I can confirm that.
  • The Nets haven’t made anything available online, but sources tell me that several members of the community have submitted their resumes to the team already, and several have been interviewed.
  • No, former MavsGG coach DaddyJonah has not been hired by the team, contrary to several reports.
  • No official logo, court, or social media handle has been officially unveiled, though Twitter user @madkidpalmcity, whom the Nets and Nets Daily follow, claimed to have heard that the team would use a certain logo.


Los Angeles Lakers

  • The Lakers are all but officially to be named Lakers Gaming.
  • The team posted a job online (under “Lakers Gaming Jobs”) for an eSports Operations Manager.
  • No logo, court, or social media handle has been officially unveiled.


Minnesota Timberwolves

  • The Timberwolves have been quiet about their procedure, neither listing any NBA 2K League-related jobs online nor revealing any further details about their expansion team beyond its participation.
  • No logo, court, or social media handle has been officially unveiled. Here’s another creative Twitter design.


It’s likely that we’ll hear more about these teams as details about the NBA 2K League’s expansion draft come out. The expansion draft is, according to Jacob Wolf of ESPN and other sources, expected to be held on September 28.


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